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Maps Are No Substitutes for Adventures

Maps Are No Substitutes for Adventures

Jim Cox channels

"A Gentleman Pirate"


June 28th 2006

J: let me kill the background music on this end and see if

anyone/anything wants to come through..

(booming voice)


The intrepid travelers are rummaging in their pockets searching for a map,

when destinations are visible all across the horizon!

One kicks the compass around the deck, head down, looking for clues there,

studiously avoiding a look around that would require action on her part.

Pretending to be lost at sea?


If this is part of your adventure, you are of course welcome to explore it. But I find it unintentionally humorous and quite unnecessary

Several in your midst are preparing to expand their consciousness and explore greater worlds beyond in only the most obvious way.

Leaving the body through physical death is too obvious a metaphor to need pointing out here. But these fellow travelers are blazing a trail that will give you encouragement to follow in other, less "permanent" ways.

Less mortifying, if I may make a pun.

You will find it easier to continue your extra-physical explorations with the reassurance of those who have gone before you. My point is only that you do not have to wait.

Life Is A Grand Adventure, my friends!

(he's trying not to shout as much)

Let me reach up and spin the sail like a roulette wheel, and let's pick a direction and get moving, shall we?! Duck your heads, now.

(oh hell, the ocean spun and the sail stood still.)

(makes me dizzy)

You are becalmed, without the calm. Dead in the water.

(he's puffing at the sail)

Let's sail the sky, then, instead of the sea. One is as

blue as the other.

(boat appears upside down to me, everything inverted)

Those sailfish ahead: are they jumping out of the air into the water, or vice versa? They weave between the two, like a needle and thread sewing the two worlds together. You too weave between worlds through waking consciousness and dream-state excursions, you criss-cross the boundaries between the physical and the probable, you bring probabilities with you from the other side, stuck to your scales like seaweed. You experience those probabilities for a while, then go fishing for more. We are sailing upside down, skimming the tops of the waves, and if you stretch your neck out you can ride along with your head in the water. In the ocean above you an entire world opens up when you do so, a world hidden to you by the surface reflection of the water.

Countless worlds await your exploration and you have always the safety of this boat should you need a rest or retreat. Schools of brightly colored fish, canyons of coral reef, shipwrecks and caves, all waiting, and all hidden from view so long as you are content to watch the whitecaps from the other side...

Oh. Did someone say "Dive In" ?


Hell, I need a parrot. I'm a regular swashbuckler now. A parrot with an eyepatch, no less...

Q: what methods would you reccommend for diving in?

J: Regain your sense of adventure. Have FUN, dammit!

Q: That's it?

J: Find what fascinates you, draws you in, and the method will suggest itself.

You do not need a list of methods, maps are no substitutes for adventures.

It's not the destination that matters,

it's the journey

and the good company along the way.

I'm telling you to avoid any sense of destination.

Anything you can imagine with your limited mind is limited already.

You CANNOT IMAGINE what it is you have not yet experienced, no?

It is better than sitting becalmed looking for a map when what you need is inspiration, not a definite direction. Whatever you find playful, childish even, that opens your heart and your imagination, and that gets the engine revving. Get your heart center fired up and the rest will be taken care of. You already know there is no single, certain, unchangeable "right direction," only those actions and directions that are right for each of you each moment. Those change.

Treat it like a game. A hobby. A beloved fanciful pursuit.

A "folly" as they say in Jolly Old England.

A man may spend his lifetime building castles from stone, and not for any practical reason. Just for the sheer joy of it.

Follies are healthy.

They keep your heart and head young and engaged.


Life is a goddamn rollercoaster, my friends! Jump in and let's go for a ride! You cannot have ups without the occasional down, correct? So the "down" times are a certain sign of the next glorious hill awaiting you. Up follows down as surely as day follows night. You signed up for this ride, punched your ticket, so no complaints or second thoughts. Full speed ahead!

"You cannot know what it is you do not know".

You cannot surf a flat ocean. It's dull as hell.

Look where you've been mired here. RISK SOMETHING! What is it you risk losing? Your limitations? It's a damn thrill ride, isn't it? Would you trade it for anything? An emotional reality that George Lucas himself would be proud to simulate "Industrial Light and Magic," posh. It pales beside what you create every single day.

Listen: you cannot die. You cannot fail. You can only experience. The game never ends! Hit that "reset" button as many times as you like.

I've kept you late. I thank you all for your indulgence. I shall now take my boot out of your collective ass and depart


Q: Thanks Jim & ??

J: (a gentleman pirate... I haven't a clue)

(he's back)

J: And YOU, needed to feel that urge to channel once

again. WEll done! Write more. Now, or later. But write. Let that voice flow through you. You are holding back a floodwater.

Q: Darn it,

who the hell are you? :-)

J: It gets better with practice, yes? Feels natural. Easy. "A part of you." quite literally so. I don't want to be coy, but a name is a pigeonhole, a limitation, and I've spent the last half hour showing you the opposite of limitations. Names and destinations are unnecessary.

Have you found your center of fun?

That's all I wanted from you.

I hope I have directed you inward so you may explore outward.

I'm late, I'm late! Down the rabbit hole with me!

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