Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Green Dress

I woke up on Christmas morning with a dream snapshot: I met someone who was wearing my green Christmas party dress. It was crumpled and worn, and really it should have looked brand new. On and off during the day I was wondering about it, why did it look like it had been worn? Then Ben told me about his daydream:
" there I was, on my way to grandmas, and a friend of a friend and her daughter stopped by to see grandmothers home, and they were talking outside her house, and grandma mentioned me, and how im odd because I dont make any plans and I just go with the flow, which bugs the crap outta her, but she still loves me all the same, and then the daughter, 20 some years old, mentions how wonderful I sound, and she would love to meet me, and asks grandma for my number. The girl calls me, which we talk and she wants to meet me some time, and I say well what timing, im 15 seconds from grandmas house! ..well, we meet and I play with her in the snow, roll around and make snow angels, and at this point grandma thinks me and this girl have know eachother for ages, but really we just met, and then we, meaning me and her, and two of my friends that I rode there with go to this party, well this party is actually in the middle of nowhere, and there we are in the middle of a field, and we walk into a special spot where you can see a spaceship, but its small, and doesn't appear to be large enough to host a party... .. well when you walk in, the ship isnt small anymore, and its now huge! like its not limited to time and space, and as soon as we walk in there is music playing and flashing lights, and disco, regrea, just a bunch of fun all around, and the first thing I notice is a bowler hat and I walk up to the person and realize that its Tracy! So I pick her up and twirl her around and tell her that she is my favorite person and how cool it is to meet her there! I could tell that she popped in for a visit to party too. ..there were people passing around hash that came from another dimension, and when I smoked it I could consciously travel to that dimension and play with the beings inhabited there. It was a bunch of fun!!! :) "
Then we got talking about parties on time travel ships (was it the Arduin?) and Absinthe, and Margaret said the girls had been making Christmas tree cookies with green icing (which made me think the dress does look a bit like a Christmas tree with the tiers). I bought the dress in the summer thinking it would do for the office party this Christmas, which I usually don't look forward to. But this year I was ready and had forgotten about it. This year they didn't have an office party at all! So the dress has never been worn ~ or so I thought! ~