Sunday, December 23, 2012

Malaga Tide of Tides

#22D tide of tides, by the #RescateCiudadano yesterday in Málaga Malaga is the nearest big city. I love the feeling and the energy of this. Which is why I'm going to call them demonstrations and not protests, because I don't see any oppositional energy here. Maybe the word the Spanish use, manifestacion, is the best word to use. There are colour demonstrations going on all over Spain every day for weeks. White Tide doctors and medical staff demonstrating for what they think is best for public health, Black Tide judges, lawyers etc, Green Tide, teachers, parents and students, Orange Tide about evictions I think; not unions or political parties, but the people relevant to the issue they are demonstrating about as it were. It seems to make sense. I love the imagery of tide of tides, especially here, less than an hour from both the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean. I especially love this: Elias on resonating with landscapes
"Coastal areas present somewhat more of a middle ground, so to speak. But in a very different capacity. Coastal areas in which you are engaging areas in relation to the ocean, there is in one capacity considerable sense input, therefore in one capacity it is very stimulating for there is considerable amount of sense input. But, the difference with that is that there is also a very rhythmic pulsing in coastal areas. Now, this rhythm generates an effect of somewhat quelling the overwhelm of sense input. For in difference to a mountainous or wooded area in which there is such a volume of sense input that the body consciousness automatically stops it or closes it out, in a manner of speaking. That does not occur in coastal areas. The body consciousness does not shield from that volume of sense input for it is not necessary, for the rhythm or the pulsing action, that energy generates a nurturing effect with the body consciousness. Therefore it relaxes the body consciousness and allows the volume of sense input to be expressed without overwhelm."
quote from here: *‘green tide’ of Education, to the ‘white tide’ of Health, the ‘black tide’ public employees, the ‘violet tide’ of women’s organisations and the ‘orange tide’ of social workers and carers. Reminds me of the essence families in a way too
►"Freedom is gained and expressed in interconnection. This is where your freedom lies, in being interconnected. In knowing that whatever you may not necessarily generate an ability to do, another individual does and compliments you. Therefore you are accomplishing. And whenever in your very realistic terms, you fall, there is another to help you up. For you are interconnected." Elias ****""Therefore the reflection in a manner of speaking is the crest of the wave pulling back to you. You projected the energy which generates a very similar action to the waves on your shore. You project that energy out which creates that action; of the push outward, the same as the water receding to build the momentum to create the wave and it crests and it flows back. In the same manner you project an energy which thus builds, crests and returns back to you in that reflection." Elias, thanks Jen
ANN: Is it (energetic action) as powerful as a physical movement in the physical world though? I guess it just depends on what kind of movement, huh?
ELIAS: It does depend upon the movement and in that I would express that that is somewhat of a tricky question for in one direction I would express to you: yes it is very powerful. In another direction I would express to you: no it is not as powerful as physical expressions. But, what I would express to you is that in actuality the energetic expression is more powerful but it is important in relation to you as a physical species that you also equate a physical focal point, therefore physical actions. What drives change is the corrective energetic expression but what drives the corrective energetic expression is the physical focal point. Individuals within physical focus en masse require a physical action or a physical figurehead so to speak to remind them objectively that they are interconnected. By yourselves individually you forget how interconnected you are and how powerful your energy is for you have created a design of a reality, a physical world in which you express yourselves as separate entities. Therefore the reason that it is important and in a capacity necessary that you generate physical action and a figurehead so to speak, a spearhead, in that it allows all of you en masse to express that interconnectedness and validate it by recognizing objectively that you incorporate common cause, common direction, and it allows you en masse to focus in a particular direction rather than being scattered individually. Therefore I would express to you: yes it is important to incorporate physical action. It is also important to incorporate a spearhead so to speak in which the energy of tremendous passion can be focused in specific directions. It also empowers the individual. When the individual perceives or feels that they are a part of a collective they feel more empowered. They recognize the power of the collective and that they are a part of that which allows them to recognize. their own individual power in more strength than they automatically would individually. Therefore yes, it is important, yes, it is significant and you do generate effect and influence energetically regardless. You are always effecting energetically for you are all projecting energy. But it is a matter of how you want to project energy and in what direction. If you are concentrated upon only yourself and your own individual direction and what you want and what you want to do and how you want to be creating your individual reality you are continuing to project energy in relation to your world but it is not as necessary or required for you to pool energy or combine energy with a collective.

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