Friday, December 14, 2012

Newtown Elementary School 1965

ELIAS: I would express that this is a time frame where it is important for those of you that are aware, that are expanding, that are aware of shifting, to be paying attention and to be looking beyond the surface of what is occurring and therefore generating an energy to encourage, through your energy, other individuals to not succumb to the point of fear through distracting the issue and attempting to move it into an entirely different subject. This situation is not a situation of the subject of arms, that is an entirely different subject and were that subject to be being presented you would present a very different type of imagery and event to yourself which you have not done for you are not ready.
ANN: Yeah.
ELIAS: But you are ready to begin to address to is acknowledging that there are millions and millions and millions of individuals that are of younger ages that are all born into this shift, objective action of it, and therefore are self directing and are expressing themselves in a more genuine manner to themselves. That is not an expression of dysfunction or to be categorized as dysfunction mentally, emotionally or physically. They are different. Your reality is changing and holding to the guidelines of what you define as the norm is ludicrous for it is changing. Every decade that occurs in your reality, there is a double in numbers of individuals that are not functioning and expressing in what you term to be normal, for the normal is not the norm any longer but you hold to that and therefore you miss the point. When an individual such as this young man generates a choice to incorporate an action that in his intention was designed as prevention, not as hurt, he did not incorporate an intention to hurt small ones or any other individual. What he intended was to stop the perpetuation of a system that is inadequate and promotes opposing and devaluing of the individual and individual expression. It devalues and promotes sameness and discourages difference and continues to attempt to educate in the same manner that was expressed fifty, sixty, seventy years prior with no regard for - of how much you as a species and your world has evolved and changed but we will educate you the same. This is a dysfunction, not the individual. His method may be disagreed with, but it did gain your attention. But in this, regardless, in an attempt to continue to not pay attention to the actual message, the message is turned to being a question of arms, not a question of an institution that permeates your society that is very much in opposition to your own movement.
ANN: You know if he would have been a kid, in the school, that did that, I could see that bringing the awareness more to it than the institution but the fact that he was, you know, outside of the school and came into the school, kind of diluted that.
ELIAS: I would express this is an individual that participated in your required system of education and moved through the experience of that. It was not an accident that the individuals that he sought to release were those in the beginning of that system.
ANN: Yeah.
ELIAS: Those in what you term to be in a first grade.
ANN: Yeah.
ELIAS: Stopped them in the first and released them from this system of dysfunction, prevent them from enduring twelve more years', in a manner of speaking, indoctrination of dysfunction, of devaluing the individual and categorizing any individual that does not fall within the perimeter of what has been expressed as the norm as defined seventy years prior, not now. I would acknowledge, for most individuals, his choice of method is reprehensible and that most of you would disagree with it. I would also express that it did gain your attention.
Preliminary transcription of the recorded portion of the Elias session of: ANN / VIVETTE. 01, 03, 2013. suppression of expression within small ones

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