Monday, December 31, 2012

*Escaños en Blanco*

collaborators of seats in white *Escaños en Blanco* wish you a "unemployed politicians" happy 2013. The white pawns are organized. Escaños en Blanco
"Express a willingness to be exploring the unfamiliar, for it fits more acceptably in your reality now, and the familiar does not fit as well any longer. " Elias.
"frightened people do not want freedom, mental or physical. They want shelter, a definite set of rules. They want to be told what is good and bad. They seek out leaders — political, scientific, or religious — who will order their lives for them." Seth.
"there is a cooperation of many expressions of manifestations collectively, which are projecting energy in a specific expression of direction to be creating a mass statement for the attention objectively of other masses, and to be beneficial to all within consciousness." Elias #711
"In a manner of speaking, in a small analogy, it may be likened to yourself powering a boat. You have directed this boat and set its course to pull you through the water, and along the way, many other individuals are attaching themselves to your boat also, for it shall pull them through the water easily also, rather than create their own boat and have their own boat pull them through the water. Why shall they expend the energy and create another boat, as they may attach themselves to your boat and allow it to pull them through the water? (Much laughter throughout this) Their reason for being pulled through the water is their reason. Their destination is their own. It may not be the same destination as you. They are merely attaching themselves for the ride temporarily."#711
*Escaños en Blanco* is genius, and it's gaining ground in Spain. A computable vote for the political seat to remain empty of politicians for the term. Escaños en Blanco voting option now in 23 provinces.
Happy New Year from Spain
MANIFESTO OF ESCAÑOS EN BLANCO (WHITE SEATS) "Many citizens feel unhappy with politicians and the political class. Too often we've witnessed sterile debates far removed from the situations we, the citizens, really care about; we've witnessed election campaigns full of empty messages and promises that are systematically broken without decency. We suffer the consequences of a dreadful management of the public money, and no one assumes responsibility for it. We feel used when they only remember us, the citizens, every four years. Periodically, we must listen to insults and defamatory remarks that are quickly forgotten when it comes to making pacts to distribute councillorships, offices or ministries. We find ourselves helpless witnessing how the plurality of alternatives is avoided, keeping the privileges to the regular parties. All in all, we're tired of living with the feeling of being fooled. In light of this situation, many citizens want to show their uneasiness through blank (NOTA None of the Above) or spoilt (void) votes, or abstention. These options, nevertheless, have proved to be ineffective for 2 reasons: a) The limited impact in the media, in spite of the not insignificant numbers they reached. b) The lack of definition of these options, due to the electoral regulation, as it assigns neither representation nor concrete meaning to these options, and that renders any attributable meaning diffused among a vast number of others: punishment vote, indifference, hesitation, oversight, political instruction, etc. With the idea of providing an answer to this situation, a group of citizens have decided to address the elections with the intention of leaving empty any seat we can, and thus avoiding any kind of remuneration or personal salary derived from it. With this initiative, we want: 1) To make visible, obvious, and leaving no doubt, the discontent and dissatisfaction that this large part of the population feels about the politicians and the political class, who do not represent them. 2) To catch the eye of the mass media and general society with an original and innovative action, a democratic action that initiates public debate focused on the deficits of our representation system. 3) To press the politicians and their parties to work harder in developing their activities with ethics and respect, promoting goverment and legislative procedures to encourage the participation of the citizens beyond the election every four years. This process should result in a modification of the Electoral Law, establishing the right of voters to have an accountable blank vote, meant for all those democratic citizens who, unhappy with the work of their representatives, can find no other satisfactory alternative. This vote should be accountable as if it was a regular list of candidates and, if they get some representation, this should be materialized in void seats. After this goal is achieved, "Escaños en blanco" will be auto-dissolved." Juan Antonio Herguera

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mudlark Timeslip

This pendant was found in the mud of the river Thames at Chiswick Eyot in the 1970s. (This is part of a necklace story with Sheila and pearls and Christmas 2012.)
"Donna tells the Doctor to forget about planet Zog as a party in the 1920s is much more fun. The Doctor points out that they're not invited, but then pulls out his psychic paper, saying, "Oh, I forgot. Yes we are". They head back to the TARDIS so Donna can find a dress from the 1920s to wear."
The Green Dress
The Tenth Doctor Who introduced Donna as "Donna Noble of the Chiswick Nobles" when they met Agatha Christie on 3 December 1926. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)
The Unicorn and the Wasp and Dr Who in Chiswick
Eleven days after her disappearance, Christie was identified as a guest at the Swan Hydropathic Hotel (as the Old Swan was then called) in Harrogate, where she was registered (strangely!) as 'Mrs Teresa Neele' from Cape Town.
*****Coincidentally, I'm reading The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie and we're on a boat to Cape Town.
Chiswick Eyot is where I saw the amphibious red car drive out of the river and up the road, in 1976/77. I flew over the Eyot quite low on the way to Heathrow (where I was gonna look for Mary's bag lady focus) on the trip to Castaic. Had a dream on the plane on the way back about a red car driving backwards at high speed with the driver standing on his head, and then read I think it was Margot's session about the red car. In 2009 at the Elias group session in Vermont, Oba, Anne, Opan etc saw an amphibious red car....
Todays daily random story quote: "someone had found the object. The prophecy was right, things were beginning to get into place, and soon, it will be revealed. "
and coincidentally, Eric just started a new group story thread about " the Surge Team’s insignia." which to my mind syncs rather well with the tidal pendant
The Surge Team's Coils
impressions on the pendant:
" From the near East me feels, or Eastern Europe. Feels warm. Belonged to a woman with dark hair. Was thrown overboard by the thief that stole it from a schooner in the late 19th Century because he feared being caught and then sent off to the goal. On the other hand Camden Market trinket, which was purchased by a hippy chick, who somehow lost it as she tripped away on a magic carpet ride. It's pretty and it's yours. A gift."
Camden eh....
is your time slip showing?
"it def looks french. got the rococo and the three tines at the bottom. and emerald or almost looks like a representation of a fish..... like when you get a horse broach in the bronze age. and over the years they have massively changed the look but its still a got waves at the top. fish in the middle"
"This looks to me like a late 19th / early 20th Century Art Nouveau jewelry design. The inlays are Turquoise I believe. And as you know I have the soul of a mudlark!..(apple green turquoise)"
I must agree that it's an Art Nouveau design. I'm not sure what the stone is but it is definitely from that era. Very Victorian and could have been worn at a dinner party or an afternoon soiree. I got a glimpse of a boat ride with it falling overboard, but I'm also seeing it being stolen and dropped while the thief was running. Lots of images possibly all connected in some way.
Chiswick Eyot: "unbridged tidal islands which can be walked to from the mainland of Great Britain, dating back to the British Iron Age such tidal islands are occasionally associated with being sanctuaries and meeting places; some are named Holy Islands."
a treasure trove of tales about how the capital’s inhabitants once lived based on his ability to read the runes of the artefacts, which range from the everyday rubbish of Tudor nobles to the precious possessions of Georgian merchants.
to be continued.....

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Green Dress

I woke up on Christmas morning with a dream snapshot: I met someone who was wearing my green Christmas party dress. It was crumpled and worn, and really it should have looked brand new. On and off during the day I was wondering about it, why did it look like it had been worn? Then Ben told me about his daydream:
" there I was, on my way to grandmas, and a friend of a friend and her daughter stopped by to see grandmothers home, and they were talking outside her house, and grandma mentioned me, and how im odd because I dont make any plans and I just go with the flow, which bugs the crap outta her, but she still loves me all the same, and then the daughter, 20 some years old, mentions how wonderful I sound, and she would love to meet me, and asks grandma for my number. The girl calls me, which we talk and she wants to meet me some time, and I say well what timing, im 15 seconds from grandmas house! ..well, we meet and I play with her in the snow, roll around and make snow angels, and at this point grandma thinks me and this girl have know eachother for ages, but really we just met, and then we, meaning me and her, and two of my friends that I rode there with go to this party, well this party is actually in the middle of nowhere, and there we are in the middle of a field, and we walk into a special spot where you can see a spaceship, but its small, and doesn't appear to be large enough to host a party... .. well when you walk in, the ship isnt small anymore, and its now huge! like its not limited to time and space, and as soon as we walk in there is music playing and flashing lights, and disco, regrea, just a bunch of fun all around, and the first thing I notice is a bowler hat and I walk up to the person and realize that its Tracy! So I pick her up and twirl her around and tell her that she is my favorite person and how cool it is to meet her there! I could tell that she popped in for a visit to party too. ..there were people passing around hash that came from another dimension, and when I smoked it I could consciously travel to that dimension and play with the beings inhabited there. It was a bunch of fun!!! :) "
Then we got talking about parties on time travel ships (was it the Arduin?) and Absinthe, and Margaret said the girls had been making Christmas tree cookies with green icing (which made me think the dress does look a bit like a Christmas tree with the tiers). I bought the dress in the summer thinking it would do for the office party this Christmas, which I usually don't look forward to. But this year I was ready and had forgotten about it. This year they didn't have an office party at all! So the dress has never been worn ~ or so I thought! ~

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Malaga Tide of Tides

#22D tide of tides, by the #RescateCiudadano yesterday in Málaga Malaga is the nearest big city. I love the feeling and the energy of this. Which is why I'm going to call them demonstrations and not protests, because I don't see any oppositional energy here. Maybe the word the Spanish use, manifestacion, is the best word to use. There are colour demonstrations going on all over Spain every day for weeks. White Tide doctors and medical staff demonstrating for what they think is best for public health, Black Tide judges, lawyers etc, Green Tide, teachers, parents and students, Orange Tide about evictions I think; not unions or political parties, but the people relevant to the issue they are demonstrating about as it were. It seems to make sense. I love the imagery of tide of tides, especially here, less than an hour from both the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean. I especially love this: Elias on resonating with landscapes
"Coastal areas present somewhat more of a middle ground, so to speak. But in a very different capacity. Coastal areas in which you are engaging areas in relation to the ocean, there is in one capacity considerable sense input, therefore in one capacity it is very stimulating for there is considerable amount of sense input. But, the difference with that is that there is also a very rhythmic pulsing in coastal areas. Now, this rhythm generates an effect of somewhat quelling the overwhelm of sense input. For in difference to a mountainous or wooded area in which there is such a volume of sense input that the body consciousness automatically stops it or closes it out, in a manner of speaking. That does not occur in coastal areas. The body consciousness does not shield from that volume of sense input for it is not necessary, for the rhythm or the pulsing action, that energy generates a nurturing effect with the body consciousness. Therefore it relaxes the body consciousness and allows the volume of sense input to be expressed without overwhelm."
quote from here: *‘green tide’ of Education, to the ‘white tide’ of Health, the ‘black tide’ public employees, the ‘violet tide’ of women’s organisations and the ‘orange tide’ of social workers and carers. Reminds me of the essence families in a way too
►"Freedom is gained and expressed in interconnection. This is where your freedom lies, in being interconnected. In knowing that whatever you may not necessarily generate an ability to do, another individual does and compliments you. Therefore you are accomplishing. And whenever in your very realistic terms, you fall, there is another to help you up. For you are interconnected." Elias ****""Therefore the reflection in a manner of speaking is the crest of the wave pulling back to you. You projected the energy which generates a very similar action to the waves on your shore. You project that energy out which creates that action; of the push outward, the same as the water receding to build the momentum to create the wave and it crests and it flows back. In the same manner you project an energy which thus builds, crests and returns back to you in that reflection." Elias, thanks Jen
ANN: Is it (energetic action) as powerful as a physical movement in the physical world though? I guess it just depends on what kind of movement, huh?
ELIAS: It does depend upon the movement and in that I would express that that is somewhat of a tricky question for in one direction I would express to you: yes it is very powerful. In another direction I would express to you: no it is not as powerful as physical expressions. But, what I would express to you is that in actuality the energetic expression is more powerful but it is important in relation to you as a physical species that you also equate a physical focal point, therefore physical actions. What drives change is the corrective energetic expression but what drives the corrective energetic expression is the physical focal point. Individuals within physical focus en masse require a physical action or a physical figurehead so to speak to remind them objectively that they are interconnected. By yourselves individually you forget how interconnected you are and how powerful your energy is for you have created a design of a reality, a physical world in which you express yourselves as separate entities. Therefore the reason that it is important and in a capacity necessary that you generate physical action and a figurehead so to speak, a spearhead, in that it allows all of you en masse to express that interconnectedness and validate it by recognizing objectively that you incorporate common cause, common direction, and it allows you en masse to focus in a particular direction rather than being scattered individually. Therefore I would express to you: yes it is important to incorporate physical action. It is also important to incorporate a spearhead so to speak in which the energy of tremendous passion can be focused in specific directions. It also empowers the individual. When the individual perceives or feels that they are a part of a collective they feel more empowered. They recognize the power of the collective and that they are a part of that which allows them to recognize. their own individual power in more strength than they automatically would individually. Therefore yes, it is important, yes, it is significant and you do generate effect and influence energetically regardless. You are always effecting energetically for you are all projecting energy. But it is a matter of how you want to project energy and in what direction. If you are concentrated upon only yourself and your own individual direction and what you want and what you want to do and how you want to be creating your individual reality you are continuing to project energy in relation to your world but it is not as necessary or required for you to pool energy or combine energy with a collective.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Newtown Elementary School 1965

ELIAS: I would express that this is a time frame where it is important for those of you that are aware, that are expanding, that are aware of shifting, to be paying attention and to be looking beyond the surface of what is occurring and therefore generating an energy to encourage, through your energy, other individuals to not succumb to the point of fear through distracting the issue and attempting to move it into an entirely different subject. This situation is not a situation of the subject of arms, that is an entirely different subject and were that subject to be being presented you would present a very different type of imagery and event to yourself which you have not done for you are not ready.
ANN: Yeah.
ELIAS: But you are ready to begin to address to is acknowledging that there are millions and millions and millions of individuals that are of younger ages that are all born into this shift, objective action of it, and therefore are self directing and are expressing themselves in a more genuine manner to themselves. That is not an expression of dysfunction or to be categorized as dysfunction mentally, emotionally or physically. They are different. Your reality is changing and holding to the guidelines of what you define as the norm is ludicrous for it is changing. Every decade that occurs in your reality, there is a double in numbers of individuals that are not functioning and expressing in what you term to be normal, for the normal is not the norm any longer but you hold to that and therefore you miss the point. When an individual such as this young man generates a choice to incorporate an action that in his intention was designed as prevention, not as hurt, he did not incorporate an intention to hurt small ones or any other individual. What he intended was to stop the perpetuation of a system that is inadequate and promotes opposing and devaluing of the individual and individual expression. It devalues and promotes sameness and discourages difference and continues to attempt to educate in the same manner that was expressed fifty, sixty, seventy years prior with no regard for - of how much you as a species and your world has evolved and changed but we will educate you the same. This is a dysfunction, not the individual. His method may be disagreed with, but it did gain your attention. But in this, regardless, in an attempt to continue to not pay attention to the actual message, the message is turned to being a question of arms, not a question of an institution that permeates your society that is very much in opposition to your own movement.
ANN: You know if he would have been a kid, in the school, that did that, I could see that bringing the awareness more to it than the institution but the fact that he was, you know, outside of the school and came into the school, kind of diluted that.
ELIAS: I would express this is an individual that participated in your required system of education and moved through the experience of that. It was not an accident that the individuals that he sought to release were those in the beginning of that system.
ANN: Yeah.
ELIAS: Those in what you term to be in a first grade.
ANN: Yeah.
ELIAS: Stopped them in the first and released them from this system of dysfunction, prevent them from enduring twelve more years', in a manner of speaking, indoctrination of dysfunction, of devaluing the individual and categorizing any individual that does not fall within the perimeter of what has been expressed as the norm as defined seventy years prior, not now. I would acknowledge, for most individuals, his choice of method is reprehensible and that most of you would disagree with it. I would also express that it did gain your attention.
Preliminary transcription of the recorded portion of the Elias session of: ANN / VIVETTE. 01, 03, 2013. suppression of expression within small ones

Thursday, December 13, 2012

laughing inside

"there is lightness in your daily experience. You cannot take things seriously for long. Even as you are taking it seriously you are laughing inside: "God damn it!" And inside you are laughing!"

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Maps Are No Substitutes for Adventures

Maps Are No Substitutes for Adventures

Jim Cox channels

"A Gentleman Pirate"


June 28th 2006

J: let me kill the background music on this end and see if

anyone/anything wants to come through..

(booming voice)


The intrepid travelers are rummaging in their pockets searching for a map,

when destinations are visible all across the horizon!

One kicks the compass around the deck, head down, looking for clues there,

studiously avoiding a look around that would require action on her part.

Pretending to be lost at sea?


If this is part of your adventure, you are of course welcome to explore it. But I find it unintentionally humorous and quite unnecessary

Several in your midst are preparing to expand their consciousness and explore greater worlds beyond in only the most obvious way.

Leaving the body through physical death is too obvious a metaphor to need pointing out here. But these fellow travelers are blazing a trail that will give you encouragement to follow in other, less "permanent" ways.

Less mortifying, if I may make a pun.

You will find it easier to continue your extra-physical explorations with the reassurance of those who have gone before you. My point is only that you do not have to wait.

Life Is A Grand Adventure, my friends!

(he's trying not to shout as much)

Let me reach up and spin the sail like a roulette wheel, and let's pick a direction and get moving, shall we?! Duck your heads, now.

(oh hell, the ocean spun and the sail stood still.)

(makes me dizzy)

You are becalmed, without the calm. Dead in the water.

(he's puffing at the sail)

Let's sail the sky, then, instead of the sea. One is as

blue as the other.

(boat appears upside down to me, everything inverted)

Those sailfish ahead: are they jumping out of the air into the water, or vice versa? They weave between the two, like a needle and thread sewing the two worlds together. You too weave between worlds through waking consciousness and dream-state excursions, you criss-cross the boundaries between the physical and the probable, you bring probabilities with you from the other side, stuck to your scales like seaweed. You experience those probabilities for a while, then go fishing for more. We are sailing upside down, skimming the tops of the waves, and if you stretch your neck out you can ride along with your head in the water. In the ocean above you an entire world opens up when you do so, a world hidden to you by the surface reflection of the water.

Countless worlds await your exploration and you have always the safety of this boat should you need a rest or retreat. Schools of brightly colored fish, canyons of coral reef, shipwrecks and caves, all waiting, and all hidden from view so long as you are content to watch the whitecaps from the other side...

Oh. Did someone say "Dive In" ?


Hell, I need a parrot. I'm a regular swashbuckler now. A parrot with an eyepatch, no less...

Q: what methods would you reccommend for diving in?

J: Regain your sense of adventure. Have FUN, dammit!

Q: That's it?

J: Find what fascinates you, draws you in, and the method will suggest itself.

You do not need a list of methods, maps are no substitutes for adventures.

It's not the destination that matters,

it's the journey

and the good company along the way.

I'm telling you to avoid any sense of destination.

Anything you can imagine with your limited mind is limited already.

You CANNOT IMAGINE what it is you have not yet experienced, no?

It is better than sitting becalmed looking for a map when what you need is inspiration, not a definite direction. Whatever you find playful, childish even, that opens your heart and your imagination, and that gets the engine revving. Get your heart center fired up and the rest will be taken care of. You already know there is no single, certain, unchangeable "right direction," only those actions and directions that are right for each of you each moment. Those change.

Treat it like a game. A hobby. A beloved fanciful pursuit.

A "folly" as they say in Jolly Old England.

A man may spend his lifetime building castles from stone, and not for any practical reason. Just for the sheer joy of it.

Follies are healthy.

They keep your heart and head young and engaged.


Life is a goddamn rollercoaster, my friends! Jump in and let's go for a ride! You cannot have ups without the occasional down, correct? So the "down" times are a certain sign of the next glorious hill awaiting you. Up follows down as surely as day follows night. You signed up for this ride, punched your ticket, so no complaints or second thoughts. Full speed ahead!

"You cannot know what it is you do not know".

You cannot surf a flat ocean. It's dull as hell.

Look where you've been mired here. RISK SOMETHING! What is it you risk losing? Your limitations? It's a damn thrill ride, isn't it? Would you trade it for anything? An emotional reality that George Lucas himself would be proud to simulate "Industrial Light and Magic," posh. It pales beside what you create every single day.

Listen: you cannot die. You cannot fail. You can only experience. The game never ends! Hit that "reset" button as many times as you like.

I've kept you late. I thank you all for your indulgence. I shall now take my boot out of your collective ass and depart


Q: Thanks Jim & ??

J: (a gentleman pirate... I haven't a clue)

(he's back)

J: And YOU, needed to feel that urge to channel once

again. WEll done! Write more. Now, or later. But write. Let that voice flow through you. You are holding back a floodwater.

Q: Darn it,

who the hell are you? :-)

J: It gets better with practice, yes? Feels natural. Easy. "A part of you." quite literally so. I don't want to be coy, but a name is a pigeonhole, a limitation, and I've spent the last half hour showing you the opposite of limitations. Names and destinations are unnecessary.

Have you found your center of fun?

That's all I wanted from you.

I hope I have directed you inward so you may explore outward.

I'm late, I'm late! Down the rabbit hole with me!