Friday, December 28, 2012

Mudlark Timeslip

This pendant was found in the mud of the river Thames at Chiswick Eyot in the 1970s. (This is part of a necklace story with Sheila and pearls and Christmas 2012.)
"Donna tells the Doctor to forget about planet Zog as a party in the 1920s is much more fun. The Doctor points out that they're not invited, but then pulls out his psychic paper, saying, "Oh, I forgot. Yes we are". They head back to the TARDIS so Donna can find a dress from the 1920s to wear."
The Green Dress
The Tenth Doctor Who introduced Donna as "Donna Noble of the Chiswick Nobles" when they met Agatha Christie on 3 December 1926. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)
The Unicorn and the Wasp and Dr Who in Chiswick
Eleven days after her disappearance, Christie was identified as a guest at the Swan Hydropathic Hotel (as the Old Swan was then called) in Harrogate, where she was registered (strangely!) as 'Mrs Teresa Neele' from Cape Town.
*****Coincidentally, I'm reading The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie and we're on a boat to Cape Town.
Chiswick Eyot is where I saw the amphibious red car drive out of the river and up the road, in 1976/77. I flew over the Eyot quite low on the way to Heathrow (where I was gonna look for Mary's bag lady focus) on the trip to Castaic. Had a dream on the plane on the way back about a red car driving backwards at high speed with the driver standing on his head, and then read I think it was Margot's session about the red car. In 2009 at the Elias group session in Vermont, Oba, Anne, Opan etc saw an amphibious red car....
Todays daily random story quote: "someone had found the object. The prophecy was right, things were beginning to get into place, and soon, it will be revealed. "
and coincidentally, Eric just started a new group story thread about " the Surge Team’s insignia." which to my mind syncs rather well with the tidal pendant
The Surge Team's Coils
impressions on the pendant:
" From the near East me feels, or Eastern Europe. Feels warm. Belonged to a woman with dark hair. Was thrown overboard by the thief that stole it from a schooner in the late 19th Century because he feared being caught and then sent off to the goal. On the other hand Camden Market trinket, which was purchased by a hippy chick, who somehow lost it as she tripped away on a magic carpet ride. It's pretty and it's yours. A gift."
Camden eh....
is your time slip showing?
"it def looks french. got the rococo and the three tines at the bottom. and emerald or almost looks like a representation of a fish..... like when you get a horse broach in the bronze age. and over the years they have massively changed the look but its still a got waves at the top. fish in the middle"
"This looks to me like a late 19th / early 20th Century Art Nouveau jewelry design. The inlays are Turquoise I believe. And as you know I have the soul of a mudlark!..(apple green turquoise)"
I must agree that it's an Art Nouveau design. I'm not sure what the stone is but it is definitely from that era. Very Victorian and could have been worn at a dinner party or an afternoon soiree. I got a glimpse of a boat ride with it falling overboard, but I'm also seeing it being stolen and dropped while the thief was running. Lots of images possibly all connected in some way.
Chiswick Eyot: "unbridged tidal islands which can be walked to from the mainland of Great Britain, dating back to the British Iron Age such tidal islands are occasionally associated with being sanctuaries and meeting places; some are named Holy Islands."
a treasure trove of tales about how the capital’s inhabitants once lived based on his ability to read the runes of the artefacts, which range from the everyday rubbish of Tudor nobles to the precious possessions of Georgian merchants.
to be continued.....

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