Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fuck the Crisis Let's Dance

These are doctors in Spain protesting about privatisation of hospitals. Coincidentally yesterday I had an impulse while I was in the bank (La Caixa, the "assassins" with the evictions, but I've always liked the staff in my local branch) to buy some private health insurance. On the surface it sounds all wrong! ha ha But I trust the impulse and love the spirit of these doctors. 

ELIAS: I shall offer one exercise, and I shall also offer to you to be paying attention and allowing yourself distraction, but the exercise shall also be influencing in emphasizing that to you and actually moving you into more of an ease of not discounting yourself. I shall express to you to incorporate the action, the physical action, each time you are noticing your own resistance or noticing your own acquiescing or noticing your expression of receding and denying yourself your own expressions, each time you notice, engage the physical action of dancing. Each time! (Laughs) This also serves another purpose, for it is an actual physical action in which, if you are allowing yourself to genuinely incorporate this exercise, you shall find yourself incorporating that action in physical locations with other individuals observing, which moves you into an expression of trust. For, your attention must be upon yourself and in allowance of your own trust, and not focused upon concerning yourself with the perceptions of other individuals, which is also an excellent practice in focusing your attention on you in the moment and offering yourself that acceptance.

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