Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's Dance

Moulin Rouge it is then for the fancy dress party on Friday. I had been undecided and procrastinating for weeks about our costumes, clearly waiting for M to say "let's dance!" yesterday, so when I saw the can can dress I knew immediately that would go perfectly with D's top hat. (although I didn't immediately spot the dance sync). I noticed while rummaging around for accesories that one long over the elbow black glove has vanished.

Elias and others are talking about new beginnings alot lately, and there is a good one going on here. The cottage next door with the caving in roof has been patiently waiting empty until mother was ready to move next door (and until I was ready to welcome it).  It all started when the neighbour who lived there drove me mad with crap music, but I'd just started reading Seth and decided to experiment. It took a little discipline to stop thinking about it, stop talking about it, I even told D and E to never even think about that neighbour. So she moved out and couldn't sell the house for ages, and then when L bought it, she shortly afterwards moved in with her boyfriend elsewhere. (speaking of Elsewhere, bought a 2nd hand book yesterday of that name and it's all about a girls continuing life after death. Reminds me of my Elsespace Arrangement in the group story). So that house next door with the unfortunate window that overlooks my patio has been empty ever since I tried the Seth experiment.

Another Seth experiment I tried round about then (maybe 9 or 10 years ago or so) was to stop rehashing bad memories of earlier years with my mother. That also took some discipline, because I'd been rehashing that stuff for decades, but I was determined. Well a most remarkable thing happened! She changed into another person, one I like very much and get along great with. We have so much in common.

I haven't been back to UK for 12 years and a few weeks ago decided to go in 2013. So I'm going back probably in January after mother's knee operation, which I didn't know about when I decided to go back next year. But the knee jerk reactions are all different now.

Another thing I've wanted to do for ages is take photos of snow. I might be able to after Christmas, in Wales. And see D and M in London, and maybe F too I hope, and E and S in Wales and maybe some others.

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