Thursday, November 29, 2012

Seagulls and Moon

there must have been hundreds of thousands of seagulls yesterday morning at Catalan Bay just as the sun was coming up. On the west side of Gibraltar the moon sinking behind Algeciras ~ and more seagulls. Late afternoon I saw a seagull standing on the divider between the lanes of the road, with a broken wing. But like the vole of the flood, he didn't look distressed, somehow.

"Many individuals may be experiencing imagery which is a projection within energy of Rose, and in this, one of the favored imagery that Rose is projecting of is connected with birds. Therefore, this is an offering of energy in the direction of an acknowledgment of this shift in consciousness and the importance of it and the strength and intensity of its movement.
 ALL of your creatures that are identified as birds within this dimension hold an energy fleck, so to speak, of this essence of Rose, for this is the choice of that essence, to be projecting energy into this particular species within this dimension."

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