Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Mouse and the Three Kings

The time travelling mouse is back. He landed on the microwave with a little bang two evenings ago as I was standing at the kitchen table. I froze and glanced up, and he froze and stared at me. I wondered if he would like a Marie biscuit, and then he dashed behind the microwave (and I haven't seen him since).
Coincidentally, Eric mentioned rodents in the new group story thread earlier that day. Later, while I was looking for an old post about the mouse, I found an old email with this mouse photo on from an old mouse sync with Maggie in Cairo, so I resent her the email. Coincidentally within half an hour of me sending the email, she saw a mouse in her bedroom!
The time travelling mouse that used to visit me (the one who would only eat Marie biscuits) had an energy fleck of Arkandin. Coincidentally, we've been expecting (in the group story) Baltazar to time travel from Tartessos (the pope recently said that the wise men came from Tartessos, Andalucia) for the Three Kings Parade, which is tonight.
And coincidentally, on a thread on Maggie's father's page, we were talking and syncing about Tartessos, the Guadalquivir river, and Doñana National Park and a crop circle photo from google earth appeared on my wall ~ in Doñana National Park. The other picture is an old Egyptian game that caught my eye ~ looks a bit like a Marie biscuit doesn't it?
to be continued.....

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  1. What a cute hat the mouse is wearing. I just got finished reading a thread about hats lol, I hope the time travel mouse doesn't come here because my cats will do him some harm. The big black one Oliver brought one to me as a present the other day and poor wee thing was still wiggling. It was only a matter of time for the wee thing.