Saturday, January 5, 2013

Because the System is Really Us ~ And I Feel More Alive Than Ever

In Spain there is a new euro tax on prescriptions. One or two extra euros a year wouldn't affect me as I hardly ever need anything, but some people need many every day, Cystic Fibrosis people for example. The following is from a person with cancer:
"Meanwhile, we can go proud and happy to our pharmacies to disobey this death tax. The only thing we have to do is say at the pharmacy that we are not going to pay this tax, and pharmacists offer us a form where we point out our act of disobedience. Fill it in and we will only have to pay the value of the prescription. We all do this and we are going to collapse the systems with our forms of life. Of course the Government will try to charge us later, possibly even penalizing us even more. But when the time comes we will return to refuse. We disobey over and over again, because the system can not do anything. ***Because the system is really us.*** The more we ignore and be more conscious of this, the sooner we can remove these criminals from the top and start to build the world in which we really want to live us citizens. I've already started to do so. And I feel more alive than ever."
Elias on physical action: "the energetic expression is more powerful but it is important in relation to you as a physical species that you also equate a physical focal point, therefore physical actions. What drives change is the corrective energetic expression but what drives the corrective energetic expression is the physical focal point. Individuals within physical focus en masse require a physical action or a physical figurehead so to speak to remind them objectively that they are interconnected. By yourselves individually you forget how interconnected you are and how powerful your energy is for you have created a design of a reality, a physical world in which you express yourselves as separate entities. Therefore the reason that it is important and in a capacity necessary that you generate physical action and a figurehead so to speak, a spearhead, in that it allows all of you en masse to express that interconnectedness and validate it by recognizing objectively that you incorporate common cause, common direction, and it allows you en masse to focus in a particular direction rather than being scattered individually. Therefore I would express to you: yes it is important to incorporate physical action. It is also important to incorporate a spearhead so to speak in which the energy of tremendous passion can be focused in specific directions. It also empowers the individual. When the individual perceives or feels that they are a part of a collective they feel more empowered. They recognize the power of the collective and that they are a part of that which allows them to recognize. their own individual power in more strength than they automatically would individually." Elias"

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