Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Plasticity and the Focus Population Story

on populating my world with focuses ~ I'm thinking you can and do make up your own versions, and populate how ever you want to, everyone can be everyone, and is! ~ so you make your own cast version...you can mold or alter your version any way you want to, because all essence is in all focuses, you focus on whichever bits, to make your version, your own version in your own story. Every single essence is in every single focus. Each focus, focuses on whatever the hell it wants to, to make its own version of the whole. Even you if I want to, you can be my focus, and I will draw out those bits of "my essence" to the forefront of my version ~ and call you "my" focus. It's a bit like being the casting director, I guess ~ kind of cinematic. ...so, for the first steps at understanding it, we play a game of focus hunting, to get used to the idea of so many essences to choose from, and we make lots and lots of interconnecting links between them so they all feel familiar..so we start to feel like the whole world is our family, identifying the essences we know, but then when everyone starts connecting to other focuses, you start to notice that many people connect to the same focuses, so you realize that every single focus is every single essence, not this one or that one, the labelling was the baby step, to make it managable to comprehend ~ because trying to beleive you are every other focus that's ever been is like having way too many cakes all at once.
MIKE: Does that mean you make it real when you imagine it, or does that mean that you’re tapping into some other reality...? ELIAS: Both, dependent upon how you allow yourself. You are tapping into some other expression of consciousness. You are tapping into other energies, and that is being translated into a communication. In that communication, once you have offered the communication to yourself, it is your choice of whether you generate it into reality or not. This is significant, for it allows you to be incorporating an actual action of playfulness and allowance. It does not incorporate the action of analyzation.

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