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Audacity: Insolent boldness, especially when imprudent or unconventional. Fearlessness, intrepid daring. The willingness to take bold risks. Fearless daring; intrepidity. Bold or insolent heedlessness of restraints, as of those imposed by prudence, propriety, or convention. An act or instance of intrepidity or insolent heedlessness. Bold or arrogant disregard of normal restraints. Audacity means extraordinary boldness, courage or chutzpah.
"The first quality that is needed is audacity." Winston Churchill
"Audacity augments courage; hesitation, fear." Publilius Syrus
"Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination." John Dewey
"Success is the child of audacity.” Benjamin Disraeli
“In every artist there is a touch of audacity without which no talent is conceivable” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The biggest and most audacious robbery in history - grabbing diamonds worth £200million from the Millennium Dome...... 7~11~2000
The Millennium Dome in Greenwich, London, became the scene of Britain's biggest attempted heist. The Millennium Star, (Originally 777 carats in its rough state) a one off diamond and a set of rare BLUE DIAMONDS on show at the attraction... In the most audacious attack seen on British shores, they drove a digger into the Dome and tried to steal the diamonds worth £300 million.
It started with a "particularly audacious raid on a security van in NINE ELMS". At a meeting of detectives hunting the Nine Elms robbers, a detective inspector who had recently visited the Dome quipped: 'Maybe they are after the Millennium jewels?'
.....Just across the river, Terry Millman was sitting in a transit van. He appeared to be taking a break from road repairs; in fact, he was monitoring police transmissions on a sophisticated scanner....."Attack, attack, attack!" Millman screamed into the radio as the JCB hit the approach road at 9.30am. Donning his gas mask, Betson accelerated through the perimeter fence and crashed into the dome, careering towards the MONEY ZONE. As Ciarrocchi lobbed smoke bombs to confuse the scattering visitors, Cockram and Adams leapt out with sledgehammers and a nailgun. Terry Millman twice ran into trouble with police while driving stolen vehicles. The first time, he was caught for drink driving; the second, he hit another car and had to flee the scene. Gang member Terry Millman - who died of cancer while awaiting trial - used the name 'T. Diamond' when he handed over £3,700 in cash to buy the getaway speed-boat at a yard in the seaside town of Whitstable, Kent. In the weeks before the raid two aborted attempts were made to steal the diamonds. On October 6, 2000 the plan was called off after the speedboat developed engine problems. A month later on November 6, the second raid was cut short when the THAMES TIDE meant a getaway would be impossible.
Built to resist the force of a 60-ton ram raid, the explosive-resistant glass was also designed to foil any 'known tool' for at least 30 minutes. Cockram, however, he had the answer. The idea was to weaken the glass with three shots from a powerful Hilti nailgun. Robert Adams would then use a sledgehammer to break the 'warmed' glass. As Adams smashed his way through, the plan appeared to be working to perfection. The world's most fabulous collection of diamonds was within arm's reach in just 27 seconds. 'I was 12 inches from pay day,' Adams later said. 'It would have been a blinding Christmas.' Within three minutes the gang should have been ferried by the 55mph speedboat across the Thames
Millennium Dome Raid
*they had no weapons, and nobody was hurt during the arrest*
video documentary
book: Diamond Geezers: The Inside Story of the Crime of the Millennium
Tel told me a story once about how he knocked down someones house by accident in Portugal, with his converted fire engine. (He rebuilt it.) Along the same "transport" lines, he drove through Moroccan/Spanish customs once on a tractor.....
"Not one individual within this forum presently this day incorporates all of their focuses as what you now in this present moment would consider to be moral, good, ethical individuals. Regardless of how right you view yourselves to be now, you all incorporate some scoundrel within your focuses. And why? For you choose to be engaging this physical reality to explore and to experience, and if your purpose is to experience, why shall you not choose a tremendous variety of experiences? Let me express to each of you - for I remember and am quite pleased with the remembrance! - I may express to each of you that those scoundrels, those knaves, those individuals that you view to be dark and evil are quite colorful, and they perceive themselves to be quite right also and would view you to be quite wrong; for this is what motivates all of you, your rightness in whatever you do. And the scurvy knaves believe themselves to be quite right also and within their rights to be generating whatever choices and actions that they incorporate. They do not view themselves to be scoundrels; they do not view themselves to be wrong. They view all other individuals to be wrong, as many of you do now. "It is not I that am wrong - it is the rest of the world!" The rest of the world is not wrong, either. You merely incorporate differences in your perceptions, and this motivates you in different actions. The significance is to recognize that your rightness in whatever you generate is associated with your truths, and your truths are not wrong but they are YOUR truths, and they are not absolute to your world." Elias #1496

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